Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hamilton penalized in Belgium

After being the first driver to make it to the checkered flag at the Belgian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was penalized with a 25-second time penalty for cutting the Bus Stop Chicane and gaining an advantage the allowed him to overtake Raikkonen on the first corner. I believe that Hamilton should definitely be penalized, because although he lifted a little bit for Raikkonen to go by, just as Raikkonen went by he already dove to the inside at full throttle trying to get by the Finn. Overall, the time that he lifted did not compensate for the time he gained by cutting the corner. Therefore this is the right decision by the stewards. Since it was on the final laps of the race, it was not possible to penalize Hamilton with a drive-through.

Felipe Massa is the lucky winner, and Nick Heidfeld gets second position. Hamilton becomes third and his championship is cut to 2 points.

More details will sure be given on the Official Formula One website. I am sure McLaren will protest the decision.

--Andre N.

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