Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Welcome to Formula One Monday!

Welcome! Formula One Monday is a blog just as simple as its name. The subject is Formula One and I will post after each race on Sunday, so that on Monday there is something new to read.

I may also post on any other day of the week, especially during the off-season or weeks without races. So check out this blog any day you want for new posts, and be sure that there will be posts every Monday after the races!

The idea is to post comments on what happened over the race weekend. I am tired of reading Formula One articles without a clear opinion about a driver or a team. Sometimes journalists write in a politically correct form, and in the process they forget to criticize or praise who deserves. Sometimes they simply cannot say bad things about a team sponsored by a company which pays a lot of money to advertise on his or her newspaper, magazine or website...

This is not the case of this blog. I am not a journalist. I am an auto racing fan. I like watching great drivers. I am also a mechanical engineer who works on the automotive industry. Therefore, I also like to see nicely engineered cars. Besides writing about what I like, this blog is about praising, criticizing, speculating, predicting, or analysing anything related to Formula One.

This blog will express my points of view and you may or may not agree with me! This is the fun about a blog, isn’t it? So feel free to add your own comments anytime you want!

--Andre N.

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